Town & Country Turf in Jordan, MN provides Pasture Management and Turf Management services including spray weed control, fertilization, aeravation, over-
seeding and more for cities including Belle Plaine, Chaska, Jordan, Lakeville, Lonsdale, Montgomery, New Prague, Prior Lake, Savage, Shakopee & more.
Pasture Management and Turf Maintenance Service Locales

• Pasture Lands
Are you unknowingly compromising the health of your animals? Pastures that aren’t properly maintained on an ongoing basis can rapidly become overgrazed and weedy, providing very little nutrition for your animals. Having animals that are poorly fed can increase their risk of illness and the vet bills that treatment incurs. Contact Us today for a consultation to see how we can help with your situation.

Pasture Management services are offered by Town and Country Turf in Jordan, Minnesota for the proper health and balance of your animals grazing pastures.

We Specialize in Horse Pastures!
At Town & Country Turf, we spacialize in Horse Pasture Management and Maintenance for the health and well being of your treasured horses.

• Right of Ways
Many townships need noxious weed and brush control for the right-of-ways of their rural roads. We contract with these townships to provide this service.

Town & Country Turf in Jordan, mn offers seeding and maintenance services for the Conservation Reserve Program.

• Conservation Reserve Program Lands
For agricultural land enrolled in the government's Conservation Reserve Program, we provide seeding and maintenance services. This enables vital resource conserving covers of native grasses and wildflowers to establish and thrive.

• Sports Fields
We offer maintenance programs for school and community sports fields. We can provide the weed control, fertilization, aerification and overseeding that offers the best surface for performance. Our highly specialized machinery is also suitable for maintaining a smooth playing surface where artificial turf is being used.

We provide specialty services with advanced equipment to maintain sporting fields for schools and communities.
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